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Welcome to VRS Software !

Our team of qualified experts helps you reach your business goals through exceptionally agile software development services.

VRS Software, a Mumbai-based software development company, lets you digitize the core functions of your business – an excellent value proposition you provide to your customers- with custom-crafted and bespoke software products without bothering about or managing any technical details.

What if you get all from a software development company that understands your perspectives? At VRS Software, we dig deep and fetch insights about your business and how web, mobile, and database could multiply and accelerate your business’ worldwide impact.

About Our Company

At VRS Software, we help you grow in the market exponentially, by designing the technology tools you need to have.

Our expert software developers, designers plus architects- all highly motivated to ensure your progress. We have helped hundreds of businesses grow through the power of uniquely designed and crafted custom software. While the services we provide often take the shape of mobile applications and websites, we are far more than your run of the mill development shop.


Garment Store

Our integrated system for garment stores provides retailers a centralized location to handle and manage inventory management, point of sale and more, all created to meet each retailer’s needs.

Jewellery Store

We at VRS Software have advanced software designed for jewelry stores. It helps manage your daily orders, keep records of different items and track their movement.

Departmental Store

Our easy-to-use and efficient software for departmental stores is feature-rich system capable of managing every size of departmental store with maximum effectiveness and ease of operation.

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We offer the following products to our clients

Retail Management Software
Solution for garment manufacturing.
Software solution for textile industry.
Document management software.
Home furnishing software


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