Department stores face stiff competition from various retail businesses. VRS SOFTWARE is engaged in the business of a departmental retail store software business who offers rich POS software. We thus are here to manage large departmental stores in an effortless manner with maximum ease of operation. Driving efficiencies in an exact manner throughout requires speed, visibility as well as control to get the right stock in the right place at the right time. Our software is designed to meet all your multi-channel merchandising needs while saving your time. It thus helps to increase sales, improve margins while minimizing stock at the same time straight from the box. The company identifies problems and anticipates opportunities while ensuring customers to make smarter buying as well as pricing decisions.

Solutions we provide

 Scales up your hypermarket business in an appropriate manner
 We do business wise product categorization process, customization of a mixed product to get reorder recommendations
 Known for proper billing products from various companies from a common bill screen with consolidated accounts statement for every department
 Inbuilt CRM, alerts, loyalty points, pricing management and many more

Why to choose our solutions?
• Our journey has been with continuous innovation, handwork and expansion.
• We deliver quick resolution of various issues within assured time.
• Users can anytime monitor store data no matter wherever they are

Special features

> Easy & Fast Billing.
> Multi Stores.
> Multi Discounts & Schemes.
> Control & Reduce Inventory Cost.
> Manage your purchase and sales returns.

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