VRS SOFTWARE is also known as a popular FMCG retail software companies to provide the best-in-class retail software solutions.  We provide our clients enhanced online customer engagement flexibility with the use of our efficient tools as well as services. As a proven result of our service integration, you will experience highly improved sales with an optimized Business expansion planning in FMCG. The company even deals data products to have a better understanding while analyzing location-based demographics in the fields of census data and in terms of population distribution to get a better insight. One can use these insights for the purpose of monitoring business growth, spawning demands and making future effective plans.

Services that we care for

  • Google map platforms
  • Network feasibility
  • Network planning
  • Location analytics
  • Data products
  • Field force tracking


  • Improved sales
  • Analyzes customer’s shopping mood by mapping data
  • Efficient maintenance
  • Proper and easy coordination with technicians
  • Improve business monitoring planning

Special features

  • Easy & Fast Billing.
  • Multi Stores.
  • Multi Discounts & Schemes.
  • Control & Reduce Inventory Cost.
  •  Manage your purchase and sales returns.

Why to choose us?

  • Enhance the ability to optimize stocks based on geo-centric consumer behavior mode.
  • Constituting store formats as well as various merchandising possibilities via geographic area
  • Allocating advertising budgets in better ways based on area analysis as well as potential media buys.

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