VRS SOFTWARE was established with a sole purpose to invest in traders, retails and business into much higher efficiency with huge profitability. Our topmost vision is to gross our Retail Businesses on the forefront of digital path to assist them stay ahead of any competition in the industry. Backed by experienced retail and business professionals, we thrive to achieve success in every step.To enable a successful garment retail software businesses, the company has the most evolved, mature and in-depth practices to follow. To achieve unmatched speed & performance, our agile practices has helped us develop products as per the customer’s needs

Solutions that we offer

  • POS Downloads Desktop
  • POS Software Cloud
  • POS Software Mobile Apps
  • iPad & Android POS Software
  • POS Integrations Smart Reports


  • Endless fast billing system
  • 100% knowledge on what is latest there in the shop and what is required to be in the market
    We follow Omni-channel technique to enable an easy tracking process of store performance
    Pull out new shoppers to keep them coming back to our store with amusing deals
  • Multi Store Management


Top reasons to choose approach us

  • We are in a unique and different manner
  • We are backed by exceptionally talented association who has brought in several measurable value propositions and helped us to achieve economic value addition.
  • To overcome any financial burden while investing on non-moving products, we apply plans, purchase as well as invest only in fast moving products.

For any query, we welcome customers to approach us anytime as and when in need. We are team expert professionals who are always available to bring future effective solutions at their doorstep. So place calls at us and get the most apt solutions from us!

  •  Accounts
  •  Sales and Dispatch
  •  Purchase
  •  Ordering
  •  Taxes
  •  Production
  •  Inventory Reports
  • Point Of Sale
    •  Hot keys to display and print sales figures
    •  Returns, Exchange and Refund tracking system
    •  Non Barcode/Barcode Sales Option
    •  Item level and bill level discounts
    •  Lump Cutting
    •  Auto Application of Promotional Schemes
    Point Of Sale
    •  Day Begin/ Close Option
    •  Embedded barcoding with option of Fix, Lot and Unique
    •  Unlimited ‘N’ number of user-defined Attributes
    •  Automated Physical Stock Reconciliation


  •  Direct Discount, Points Earned and Redemption system
  •  Issue of loyalty cards like Platinum, Gold & Silver
  •  Non Barcode/Barcode Sales Option
  •  Automatic discount on cash memos for members
  •  Membership status and tracking
  •  Points statement, privilege card renewal/expiry status
  •  Auto Application of Promotional Schemes
  •  Final Accounts (Balance Sheet, P & L)
  •  Receivables & Payables/Outstanding
  •  Bank Reconciliation
  •  Cheque & Voucher Printing
  •  Service Tax, VAT & CST Handling
  • Sales, Purchase Registers
  • Stock Registers
  • CRM Reports
  • Accounts Reports
  • Utility Reports
  • Multi-parameterized
  • Stock Analysis & Ageing Reports
  • Performance Analysis Reports
  • Brand Analysis Report
  • Comparative Sales & Profitability Reports
  • ABC Analysis Report
Power Features
  • Graphical view of all reports
  • All reports can be exported to Excel, PDF
  • All reports linked with outlook express
  • 10×5 Levels of item & Accounts grouping
  • Utility Reports
  • Multi-parameterized
  • Fast & Efficient services to customers
  • Better Relation with customers
  • Enhanced Administration & Control
  • Efficient management leads to more profits
  • Helps in future planning & growth
  • ABC Analysis Report
  • Plan Marketing Strategy based on sales trends
  • Simplicity, Automation, Security, Stability and Scalability are the underlying objectives.
  • Data security, integrity and reliability is ensured / guaranteed with self auto data auditing and freezing feature.
  • Automated Physical Stock Reconciliation.
  • Very efficient Poin of Sale software billing module with Exchange-Bill Facility, Bill Hold Facility, Auto Pick-Up of Discounts, Auto Application of Promotion
    Schemes, Credit Notes, Advances, Mix Mode of Settlements, Salesperson Name Feeding, etc.
Designed for Retail Stores & Chains.

UniRetail Software is specially designed for retail stores & covers A to Z requirements of a retail store. Empowered with unique features specially required for
retail & wholesale business.

Web based Technology

UniRetail Software enables you with the power of accessing your business remotely from anywhere. UniRetail Software can be used in online or offline mode at
stores anywhere in India and Mumbai.

Very Easy & Fast Implementation

Installing UniRetail Software on your computer takes no time.

Very Simple & Easy to Use

UniRetail Retail Software is so simple & easy to use. It’s simplified user interface, menu driven structure & drill down reports make it possible for everybody in
your store to use it very conveniently.

Minimum Training Requirement

UniRetail Software Solution does not require any specialized or professional training. Salesperson at your store can start using UniRetail software Product
immediately after installation.

Cost Effective Solution

UniRetail Software Solution can be deployed in single user & multi user, single location & multi location format as per requirement.

Strong after Sales Services

UniRetail Software is backed with a very strong support system to ensure instant attention to any of your issues