VRS SOFTWARE is a well-known retail software company that has got everything you need to enhance your retail business into a more profitable one. The company is known for the best retail furnishing software solutions for home furnishing décor products. Whether you own a single or multiple stores, we are here to manage your every retail operations efficiently. Focusing on core-aspects of retailing business to help you stay away from day-to-day complex operations is what we focus first. Experience  our easy-to-set working options that converts  your business needs to make the bills faster while engaging more customers in sale time. Our hard work to capture design, color and article details for your home furnishing products and a home decor store has always been our top most priority. Experienced professionals working with us offer store-wise inventory as well as replenishment management benefits, sales booster loyalty programs and financial accounts to keep a proper balance between receivables and payables.

Solution highlights

  • Quick POS Billing
  • Sales Order & Advance Mgt
  • Dispatch & Delivery Mgt.
  • Easy physical stock taking
  • Easy user session & shift management


  • Serve more customers within requested time with fast billing counters
  • Intelligent ordering system delivered with automatic stock calculation
  • We provide effortless billing system with highly accurate cash tally benefits
  • Analyzes the profitability of every category based on holding cost while achieving optimum productivity.
  • Always stay connected with your customers with highly effective use of accurate program

Why to choose us?

  • Quickly train our staffs by applying intuitive interface
  • We sell faster with reduced inventory shelf life while ensuring that capital does not get stagnant
  • Efficiently manage inventory, analyses vendors performance while calculating sales person wise incentives
  • Engage new customers based on loyalty programs, offers, gift vouchers, coupons and business boosters for bulk SMS and Email tightly integrated with POS.

For any query, we welcome customers to approach us anytime as and when in need. We are team expert professionals who are always available to bring future effective solutions at their doorstep. So place calls at us and get the most apt solutions from us